Cloud Computing – The Big Deal

Many of us have heard the term cloud computing and most of us are using cloud based application software without even our knowledge. Cloud application has become such an evident part of the world that it is wide spread to all parts of the world and most people are used to it. But, there are some people who are not yet fully aware of the cloud computing and the subcomponents under it and how the mechanism works so read the below article to get some tips to learn more about cloud computing.


Cloud computing is a system where it is practised to network using remote servers which are internet hosted so that the data can be stored, managed and processed online rather than a local server or a personal computer. This is where a shared pool of resources such as application software and servers are made into configurable computer settings. Most companies around the world uses this system as the cost of upfront installation would be much lower than obtaining all the physical resources and networking facilities. Also, many project teams can use the same resources whether they are located in rural areas without a problem as the resources are shared equally among them.


Many companies over the time have done much advancement in this platform resulting in better and more efficient systems and one such company would the hewlett packard enterprise Hong Kong (HPE) since they have been responsible for many developments of the cloud based applications over a long period of time.

There are three prominent factors or criteria that falls under the cloud computing. First would be (SaaS) where it stands for Software-as-a-Service, (IaaS) Infrastructure-as-a-Service and (PaaS) Platform-as-a-Service and the company has the total freedom to decide which of these platforms that they would be using to run their business and other activities related to the business.

Types of clouds

The first type would be the ‘Public’ cloud where the provider of the cloud decided that anybody with an internet connection can use his/her cloud which sometimes is done freely or charged accordingly. Most of the time this is the most popular cloud application as it is much cheaper and has an easier installation process.

The Next type would be a private cloud, known as corporate cloud and inside cloud, which is only used by the people working for the business organization. The ICT department would limit the number of users with the aid of a fire wall and therefore the cloud is only available to people directly working in your organization.

If two or more entities come together and perform cloud based applications then the two or more companies can get amalgamated together and perform as a community based cloud where it would have features of both the public and the private clouds.

The hybrid type cloud applications are the most recent and the most advanced tasks online, is made possible by the combining many phases of the technology together to achieve that. Therefore, they have been able to come up with much advancement. The trusted HPE resellers system bought out by the HPE has been a successful hybrid cloud computing platform and they are bound to have high demand due to the technology which is used.

Although the other types of clouds exist, the most used cloud applications are listed above so you can get an idea about what you should be getting to your organization to be more successful and efficient.